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Our vision

We are providing better access to fewer cars.

Kyte is the answer to a lot of questions we’ve asked ourselves: what do we want our cities to look like in the future? How do we design an experience that has all the benefits of owning a car, without any of the drawbacks? What if getting a car was a surprisingly easy process that didn’t require the hassle we’re accustomed to?

At Kyte, we’re committed to transforming the transportation experience. We believe in the power of personal mobility and having the freedom to access cars on-demand. Our mission is dedicated to building an experience that is centered around relentless customer centricity, technology-powered operational excellence and capital efficiency.

We’re shaping the future of transportation, and bringing cities back to the people by delivering a reliable, mobile-first, hassle-free alternative to car ownership. By partnering with professional fleet owners, we’re helping achieve maximum utilization and return on assets by deploying and distributing vehicles through our platform.

If you own and manage a fleet, learn more about how to partner with us

Our story



Our principles

Laser focus & frugality

Apply the pareto principle because less is more. Be resourceful, be frugal, be fast.

Obligation to dissent

Voice concerns as they arise, it’s your duty.

Best idea wins

Everyone’s voice is important without bias or hierarchy.


Our values

Go big or go home

We’re solving a massive real-world problem because life is short. Make a dent and be hungry. We love getting things done and live by hustle, hard work and speed. Only when you test your limits you realize you have none.

Get better every day

We are bold in our ambition but humble in our abilities — that’s how we outgrow ourselves. We are building a company that is a lot bigger than ourselves. You’re the best at something, that’s why you’re here. Ask for help on all other things. We are all on the same boat, we are in this together.

It's your company

We are all bosses and we take extreme ownership in our work because this is OUR journey. Maximize your contribution and think, every day, what you can do to contribute to our success.

Live and breathe radical transparency and radical truth

Being radically honest in the room — without any hidden voices behind our backs — establishes the foundation of trust that is necessary to build a massive company.

Best intent

Before making judgments or harsh assumptions, we always first assume that everyone in the team acts out of true and honest best intent for the company — and we let this positive best intent guide the conversation.

Strong beliefs, weakly held

We hold strong beliefs and have concrete opinions about the world around us, but we are not attached to them and accept being wrong more often than not.


Our team

Advisors and investors that believe in us

We are virtualizing entire fleets and are building infrastructure to deploy vehicles to any use case.

Join us!

We work hard. Very hard. But we never forget to enjoy all other aspects of life. Having fun at Kyte is important. We go out together, we dance together, we go to festivals, we surf, we ski, we run, we eat together.

Open positions
Medical, Dental + Vision Benefits
Stock options
Transportation benefits
401(K) Plan
Gym membership
Flexible vacation days and remote working policy
Office in the sunny Marina District in San Francisco
Office in Munich, Germany - the heart of the automotive industry and of German Engineering

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